Plasma Pen Instructions

Pre Care Instructions

Please ensure you read and follow the advice provided. If you have any concerns after your treatment, or do not understand any area of your after-care if you have additional questions then please do not hesitate to contact Elite at 208-914-6524.

However, we are not in control of what you do when you leave and you must follow these important guidelines carefully if you wish to enjoy optimal results and protect your investment in receiving a Plasma Pen treatment. 

Ahead of any treatment you will need to complete a detailed consultation so that any and all contraindications can be known, observed and/or best mitigated. The esthetician will take photographs before and after your treatment for insurance purposes and recommend you also do yourself.

Many clients find it difficult to fully remember precisely what they looked like before they received their treatment and having a comparison to refer to is often an astonishing eye opener for customers when they truly appreciate the short, medium and long-term differences after receiving a Plasma Pen procedure.

Post Care Instructions

Immediately Following Your Treatment (First 24 To 48 Hours)

- You will be physically able to continue with your daily activities as normal and return to work, although you obviously may not look your absolute best during the initial healing process. The process usually takes 3 to 7 days, while your new epidermis is forming. DO NOT WASH YOUR TREATED AREA UNTIL THE LAST DOT HAS FALLEN OFF. In the first 24-48 hours apply sterile water on lint free cotton pads or gauze, wring the damp pads out to be almost dry. Then gently pat the treated area, do not rub, this will help remove any weeping which can occur during the swelling stage. Then apply the Plasma Pen Silver Collidal Gel or the Tinted After-care Balm with SPF50.

- I recommend all clients apply small amounts of the Silver Colloidal Gel with Aloe Vera or the Tinted After-Care Balm up to 3 times per day, until scabs have formed and then flaked off. DO NOT wash it off until the last dot falls from the skin. We don’t recommend oily skinned clients use this product as they generally heal slower and these products could inhibit recovery. This gel is a powerful and natural anti-bacterial/anti-viral product where the two main active ingredients (colloidal silver and aloe vera) work in tandem to soothe inflamed skin and heal it fast. Once applied and left to dry the gel leaves a protective coating designed to act as a barrier against infection and it helps speed up skin healing. Its primary ingredients offer amazing skin protection benefits including tissue healing, anti-inflammatory properties, sun protection, improved skin metabolism, increased moisture retention and disinfectant properties. It also provides relief from possible itching and helps expedite a scar free healing process.

- There may be some mild to moderate swelling to the area(s) treated, especially around the eyes and within the periorbital region (if that is where you had a procedure). The degree of swelling is different for everyone. Swelling and inflammation 1 to 5 days post-treatment is normal and desirable given the inflammatory response we are wanting to stimulate. 

- Please try and avoid the use of anti-inflammatory tablets (such as Ibuprofen) and anti-histamine tablets during the short term healing process, since the inflammatory and histamine response is a key part of the plasma treatment process.

- If possible, we recommend you take a high dose of vitamin C supplements over the course of the full 12 week skin tightening process. This will help give your immune system a big boost. In turn this helps you to repair by stimulating collagen production and also helps avoid post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

- You may experience a “stinging” sensation in the treated area(s) immediately after treatment that will feel a little like mild sunburn. This is normal and is simply the heat exciting the skin. It generally only lasts for a couple hours.

- We recommend NOT exercising straight after a treatment because any heat, steam or sweat could add to the inflammation that is already present and unnecessarily moisten the skin.

- The area that has been treated must NOT be covered with plasters, occlusive dressing or any type of make-up, creams, or any other product until the area has fully healed except the specific products given for aftercare. - If you have received facial treatment, we recommend you sleep on your back with your head elevated to avoid brushing your face on your pillow. If you have received treatment to your eyes then it is important you sleep slightly elevated for up to 7 days. This can greatly reduce swelling.

- It is highly unlikely you will ever get an infection from a Plasma Pen treatment, as the wound we cause is not open. However, the first 12 hours post-treatment is of vital importance in protecting yourself from any kind of potential infection. 

Please avoid any activities where you could expose yourself to contaminants. The Silver Colloidal Gel With Aloe Vera and the Tinted After-Care Balm SPF50 are natural anti-bacterial/anti-viral products. 


The Following Days After Your Treatment (First 3 To 7 days)

- It is normal for the area that has been treated to feel tight and dry. Occasional weeping will settle.

- After body treatments purchase medicated powder and sprinkle the areas to keep them dry and absent from sweat.

- Tiny carbon crusts will quickly form on the treated area. These may be visible for up to a week or so, but for most clients they will have formed and desquamated (flaked off) naturally within a matter of days. 

- Do NOT pick crusts off as this will delay the healing process and could cause scarring.

- The area(s) treated may be cleansed daily with luke warm pre-boiled water and a soft, lint free cloth. You are only removing excess oil and do not need to thoroughly cleanse the treated skin. Do NOT be tempted to rub or brush the area to aid the removal of the crusts and certainly do not use exfoliating products on the area that has been treated. Pat dry with a clean tissue.

- As stated, you should try to keep your scabs/crusts hydrated by applying Silver Colloidal Gel With Aloe Vera up to 3 times a day, but only in small amounts. The aim is to introduce the ingredients and deliver some hydration and NOT to soak or over-moisten the area, as that can prevent carbon crusts forming and/or cause them to desquamate (flake off) too soon.

- We advise that you do NOT stand with your face or body under a hot shower for the first 3 to 4 days where you have had treatment. This could increase swelling and prevent the carbon crusts forming naturally. Try to avoid shower gels and hair products running onto your face as this could cause irritation and inflammation. Rinse thoroughly with pre-boiled tepid water if products do come into contact with the area(s) treated and pat dry.

- Other than the Silver Colloidal Gel With Aloe Vera and/or the Tinted After-Care Balm, please do NOT apply any other lotion or creams unless your practitioner has specifically advised you to do so. Absolutely do NOT use any lotions or creams that contain perfume or alcohol. The area(s) must be kept free of oil to help the crusts form and then fall off of the skin naturally. Do NOT rub or abrade the area(s) or use exfoliating products. This could result in scarring and/or pigmentation.

- Men should avoid shaving the treated area until the last carbon crust has fallen off.

 The Next 3 Months (After First 3 to 7 Days)

- After treatment around the eyes, avoid wearing contact lenses until the last carbon crust falls to avoid corneal abrasion which could occur if a crust gets trapped between the lense and the eye.

- When the carbon crusts have fallen off, your skin may be a little pink as it is essentially fresh, new and rejuvenated baby skin. AVOID FULL SUN ON YOUR NEW BABY SKIN! - Once the crusts have all fallen off you may apply your normal foundation/make-up, but avoid using skin care products containing glycolic or any other active exfoliating ingredients, as this will cause irritation.

- You absolutely MUST now begin to apply SPF50+ while your skin is in the healing stages (pink-in-colour), especially when you are outside. You should continue to do so for at least 12 weeks and ideally longer. The area(s) treated have produced brand new skin and may burn and/or pigment without adequate protection from the sun. It is also advised to wear sunblock whilst healing when working on your laptop, pc, tablet or phone unless you have blue screen protectors attached to your devices. These devices are proving to promote pigmentation within the skin.

- You absolutely must NOT use saunas or sun beds during your 10-12 week healing period and ideally for longer. Avoid the midday sun. - All other medical-aesthetic or surgical treatments on the same area should be avoided whilst your skin is healing, including Plasma Pen treatment.


Other Important Aftercare Advice & Top Tips:

- Avoid smoking and alcohol.

- Taking Vitamin C supplements over the course of the healing process can give your immune system a big boost and help your skin repair. Consider the use of topical anti-oxidants to fight sun damage such as a stable Vitamin C serum, Vitamin A creams, tranexamic acid, kojic acid, liquorice extract, zinc oxide are all good ingredients in skincare to help prevent/lighten hyperpigmentation and prevent sun damage.

- We have a wide variety of products that can be purchased for use after your carbon crusts have flaked off. These are designed to further supercharge your recovery and results. 

- Any additional treatments that may be required must only be performed once the skin is completely healed and has returned back to its normal colour. This usually takes about 12 weeks for the face and up to 4-6 months for the body.

- The Plasma Pen treatment is the gift that keeps giving. In addition to the immediate rejuvenation, over 8-12 weeks you will see lifting and tightening effects. You may not require further treatment once the effects of your original treatment are more determinable. A greater level of skin laxity will result in multiple treatments over time.